And Jesus said to his disciples, Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on… For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.                             (ref. Luke 12, selected verses.)

As we move from the Easter event to the Pentecost season, it will be easy to get caught up in other activities and celebrations: Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, family reunions, vacations – and all that that includes! So, we are charged to intentionally attend to our worship as our living witness. Worship is everything we do in the name of the Lord, including but not just Sunday services. Our choices/ our decisions carry through the proclamation of our faith in Jesus’ resurrection. And yes, there is a certain anxiety that we celebrate Easter, but Christ has not returned yet. Then add the “other” events and we have a heavy mix of fear and anxiety.

A wise person taught me to ask myself two questions for any and all decisions:

  1. What do you ultimately hope to achieve by this?
  2. How does that glorify God?

Over 26 years have gone by and I’ve used this wisdom for most all choices. It’s a humbling experience to answer truthfully and be able to change my mind if prudent.

The same person advised me to be wary of purchasing items that 1. needed insuring, and 2. needed to be dusted. I got the “dusting” part right away, but it took a while to understand and heed the first. I know that anxiety levels go down quickly if we answer the two basic questions truthfully and the second piece of his wisdom, well it certainly simplifies life.

I know you treasure your faith and your faith family, as do I. Let’s remember that our Lord knows what we need and is faithful to supply it. Otherwise, keep life simple and anxiety down. Our Lord loves us unto sacrifice, resurrection and reunion… all will come about in God’s good time.

Blessings, Pastor Susie

Rev. Susie Cashion Westminster’s guest pastor April 23, 2017