I made a mistake at the synagogue Friday night.
I thought the evening was such a good and interesting(!) moment that I asked Pastor Spike and Rabbi Rosenbaum if the three of could get a picture together.  In a very polite way, the rabbi and a few others standing around explained it would not be appropriate because their practice is to put away most technology for the Sabbath.  (I felt bad because I had already taken a few photos.)  The reasoning, they explained, is this: “It is not so much that taking the picture is a bad thing, but much of our technology kindles a fire that is best left unattended on the Sabbath.”
I don’t think my mistake was offensive to anyone, but that explanation has been ringing in my ears over the last few days.  Is true that my smartphone kindles a fire that lead me away from God?  Simply put, if I lay it down for the day (including Facebook, emails, etc…), am I more likely to draw closer to God or drift away from him?  I think I know the answer!
Are there other parts of my life that kindle the fires of sin?  What must I do to lay them aside?
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Daniel