This Sunday, just prior to the 11:00 worship service, we’ll have a congregational meeting for the purpose of reviewing some of the church finances.  We’ll hear a report from last year (which was a good year, financially), hear a report about the 2017 budget (which appropriately challenges us to expand our giving), and vote on a small increase (1.5%, recommended by the Session) to my terms of call.

Many people prefer not to hear about church finances, but paying attention to congregational giving and spending is an important part of the mission and ministry of the church.  Jesus talked about our relationship to money all the time, perhaps most memorably in the Sermon on the Mount: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21

Your Session works prayerfully and diligently to keep Westminster’s heart fixed on Jesus and the things he’s calling us to do.  That commitment enables me to approach our congregational meeting with enthusiasm, grateful for the opportunity to share ways God is at work in the finances of the church.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Daniel