Sunday was one of those days…

…one of those days when every time I turned around, I saw evidence of God’s grace and God’s presence at Westminster. Can I share?
 During the Sunday School hour, I met with a young couple who is interested in joining the church. They’ve not been active in a church in several years, but now God is working in their lives and bringing them back into active faith. I love those conversations.
 The worship service was powerful. Listening to the choir sing while the congregation stepped out into the aisle to bring their commitments forward was a moving experience for me. I think God is honored when we make new and bold commitments of our time and talent and resources.
 In the middle of the afternoon, we gathered with a grieving family to say goodbye to their beloved mother and give witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We worshiped together, hearing again the word of the Lord that promises life, even in the face of death.
 Later that afternoon, the Deacons were together for their monthly meeting, many of them returning to church for the third time Sunday, after worship and serving at the reception after the memorial service. I sat in on that meeting, listening to the ways the deacons pray for and reach out to people in the church and beyond.
 The youth group was together in Covenant Hall after the Deacons meeting. They were sharing a meal together and then talking about ways God speaks to us and how we can tune our ears to better understand what he’s saying. They are a group who take seriously God in their lives.
 I ended the day with a Session meeting that lasted a little more than 2 hours. That may not sound too good to you, but I loved it! We began the evening in the sanctuary, being led in worship by the people, many of them our youth, who have been studying and making plans for adding an 8:45 worship service on Sunday mornings. We spent time in good discussion about plans for that service (beginning February 5- details to come), discussing the growth of the church and options for adding staff to meet the need, and making plans to fix and upgrade part of the church in need of repair.
It was one of those days. One of those days when my heart is filled with Thanksgiving to God for his grace and allowing me to experience it in such ways. How about you?
Happy Thanksgiving,