Called to Give Thanks!

A few years ago I was at an inspiring worship service at a church conference. After the sermon, the minister stood up to announce the offering. He said we were going to do things a little differently than usual, and he started by asking us to take out our wallet and hold it up over our heads. I was not sure what else to do, so I complied with his request- as did everyone else in the room. Next, he told us, we were to hand our wallet to the person on our right and let them decide how much money we should be putting in the offering plate! I’m not sure if anyone complied with that request (I didn’t!), but he did get a good laugh out of the room, and we were in a good mood when the offering baskets were passed around.
This Sunday is commitment Sunday at Westminster, and I hope you come in a good mood, ready to make bold commitments to the Lord and the work of the church. God has called us to give thanks, and one of the ways we show gratitude is through using our gifts and offering our resources to the Lord for the work of his Kingdom.
Bring your commitment cards with you or pick one up in the sanctuary. It will be an inspiring day of worship and renewed commitment to God.

Yours in Christ,