There are several tribes over in the plains of Africa that initially gave western missionaries some fits when they first made contact and began learning the native tongue. The missionaries tried everything they could to explain the religion of Christianity to the tribespeople, but to no avail. For the longest time, the missionaries, in an effort to share their faith, tried to figure out what the tribal word for religion is. After being among the tribespeople for some time, the missionaries came to a startling realization. There is no word for religion. It isn’t that the tribes don’t have religion, it is that the religion of the people is so intricately connected to their lives, that they do not know how to separate it from their lives and talk about it as an independent concept. In many ways, the African tribes knew much more about loving the creator than the missionaries.
How about you? Is your faith only part of your life or is it so integrated into your life that it can’t be separated?

Pastor Daniel