Through the years, I’ve heard some reasons why people don’t regularly participate in worship. Some are real concerns, and some are just plain excuses.
Here they are (with responses).

It is too hard (with my kids…)
There can be many challenges to getting it together to come to worship, but dedication to God means finding ways to work through those challenges. Giving up shouldn’t be an option.

I don’t need others to worship God.
You certainly can read the Bible and pray by yourself, but God works in our lives through authentic relationships with other believers. Ask yourself: are you really growing in your faith on your own?

Sunday is a day of rest for me and my family
Rest and family are very important, and God’s design is for families to worship Him together. He has designed us so worship revitalizes our souls and unifies our families.

The church hurt my feelings
From time to time, people are hurt by the church. If forgiveness is not possible, find another church and make a fresh start.

They always ask for money
Any church focused on mission will offer ways for members to give. If you feel you cannot give money, look for other ways to get involved.

I don’t like it or get anything out of it
Worship is not designed for your enjoyment; it is designed to give an opportunity to praise God, hear his Word, and renew your commitment. It is not about you!

Those people are a bunch of hypocrites.
Some have described the church as a “hospital for sinners.” None of us has it all together, but we worship a merciful God who wants us to take steps forward in our faith- wherever we are on the journey.

If you are not in the habit of regular worship, take a step forward and make plans to participate this week. If you join us at Westminster, we’ll see what Isaiah figures out about true, God-centered worship.
See you Sunday,