Over the weekend, I read several articles and watched a little TV about the 15th anniversary of 9/11.  One of the articles I read described how difficult it was for even the President to get good information that day- communication on Air Force One was at times limited to their ability to pick up the Today Show signal from NBC affiliates as they flew near large cities.  That’s hard for me to imagine: because my TV signal was never interrupted, there were times that morning I was more up to date than the President of the United States.
      Because of the information that has come to light in the days and years following 9/11, it is easy to forget about the confusion of the day.  Now we have gathered enough information to fill in the details and construct the timeline, so the confusion of the day has given way to clarity.  We forget how little we knew and how that lack of knowledge led to fear, panic, and paralysis.  When you can’t see clearly, you just don’t know what to do or how to react.
      It often feels that way in life, doesn’t it?  We find ourselves in situations where we have limited knowledge and imperfect vision.  Instead of giving in to fear in those moments, we are called to cultivate trust in a God “whose thoughts are higher than our thoughts and whose ways are higher than our ways.”  Maybe you are in a foggy situation now, but God’s call to you is that you are not alone, and in time, the evidence of his hand with you will become clear.  It could be that he’s hidden all the details for a time to teach you to lean on him.
Will you trust in God even when you can’t see clearly?