A few weeks ago, I shared some thoughts with the Church Staff and Session that I’m now sharing with you. I titled the thoughts “Reflections after a Year at Westminster,” or less formally, “Here’s what I’ve been thinking lately.”
There are five parts:
1. The Joy of Ministry at Westminster Presbyterian
2. Some Dominant Themes from the Past Year
3. Reflections about the Future of Westminster
4. Possible Landmines
5. Prayer
This week: Part 2 of Reflections about the Future of Westminster.
A. Staff.
B. Worship.
C. Mission. It is in the DNA of Westminster to be involved in mission. Through the years, we’ve been involved in partnerships with Mary Ford Elementary, Hands of Christ, Water Mission International, 180 Place, The Church of the Transfiguration in Russia, and many, many others. It is a strength we will continue to build up- developing healthy, mutually beneficial partnerships in the community and around the world.
D. Education. I was excited by a recent meeting of the Christian Education Committee, as we planned for multiple opportunities for all ages to grow in discipleship. From the youngest members to the oldest, from the beginner to the expert, we will offer the chance for people to grow in their faith.
E. Building and Grounds. We are blessed with a wonderful facility at Westminster, and we have to think of the best ways to be good caretakers of what God has given us. It’s a good idea for us to plan for short term and long term needs while maintaining a balance between mission giving and capital expenses. Did you know in the last few years, we’ve spent more money on missions than capital improvements? I’d like us to keep that balance while making the necessary improvements around campus.
From my vantage point, those are a few of the things I hope will be dominant themes for the coming year. I know they are major topics, but I have confidence that as we go forward, God will give us direction and show us the way. Next week, I’ll share possible landmines along the way. Stay tuned!

Yours in Christ,