A few weeks ago, I shared some thoughts with the Church Staff and Session that I’m now sharing with you. I titled the thoughts “Reflections after a Year at Westminster,” or less formally, “Here’s what I’ve been thinking lately.”
There are five parts:
1. The Joy of Ministry at Westminster Presbyterian
2. Some Dominant Themes from the Past Year
3. Reflections about the Future of Westminster
4. Possible Landmines
5. Prayer
This week: Part 1 of Reflections about the Future of Westminster.
A. Staff. I’m so glad to work alongside such a competent and committed church staff- it has been one of the great blessings of my first year at Westminster. We have a great staff. One question we need to ask in the next year, however, is whether we have adequate staff for the growth we intend and expect to have. What staff is needed to help Westminster grow and thrive? Do we need to add administrative staff or program staff or pastoral staff? If so, will they be full time or part time? These are questions we will need to discuss and pray about.
B. Worship. Have you noticed that it is not always easy to find a seat on Sunday mornings? While we love the “full” feeling of the sanctuary, church consultants warn that a full church can be “unintentionally inhospitable” to visitors. Think about it from the standpoint of the guest who walks in at 11:00: They have to choose between a seat on the front row or one in the center of a pew- accessible only by displacing someone already seated on the end of the row. Which would you choose? An analogy I have used before is this: how many of you, when you go to the movie theater are thrilled when it is crowded and there are only a few seats available? That’s the way visitors can feel when they see a full church. So, we have to start thinking about a second worship service. We’ll be smart to explore options including possible style and times and locations as we go forward.
From my vantage point, those are a few of the things I hope will be dominant themes for the coming year. I know they are major topics, but I have confidence that as we go forward, God will give us direction and show us the way. Next week, I’ll share Part 2 of Reflections about the Future of Westminster before moving on to possible landmines along the way. Stay tuned!

Yours in Christ,