One of the first Children’s Sermons I ever did was a disaster. I did not plan what I was going to say because I had a cool remote control truck to show off. The children liked it, but I think I told them God controls us like I was controlling my truck. It was bad- one of many times I’ve talked myself into a corner with a Children’s Sermon. Through the years I’ve learned it takes very special people to speak the language of faith to children in a way they understand.

Many of you have commented about the growing number of children in church, particularly the number of kids that come up and sit with Janie for the Children’s Time. I am glad that families feel so welcome and children so comfortable in the sanctuary. In fact, new members are telling us the welcoming environment is one of the main reasons they are drawn to Westminster.

Part of that welcoming environment is the number of excellent volunteers who take time to disciple these young souls. Sunday School teachers, VBS Volunteers, Children’s Church leaders, and so many others who spend time with children on special projects through the years. On Sunday night at the Session meeting, someone commented that one of our challenges right now is finding spots for all the volunteers.

So, to the many people who speak the language of faith to children in a way they understand: I’m grateful for you!

Pastor Daniel