Youth Sundays. I remember them at First Presbyterian Church in Orangeburg. The first time I signed up for one of the preaching spots, the theme was “Where I See God.” I talked about what my family went through when my sister, then a freshman at Wake Forest, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. At one point, she was given a less than 50% chance to live, but because of God’s grace, she beat the odds. Even as a young person, the way the congregation responded during those tough days made an impression on me. I saw God.
Youth Sunday gave me the opportunity to think more deeply about that experience and how God was present in it. While what I shared would not have gotten a good grade in my seminary preaching class, I’ve come to think of it as an important moment in my life- and one that God was glorified.
This Sunday, we will be led in worship by our youth. The theme is from Proverbs: “A Friend Loves at All Times.” God will be honored, and I hope you will be there to see how God is present in the lives of our young people.

Pastor Daniel