The WPC Session has been learning about evangelism from Martha Reese’s good book, Unbinding the Gospel. She gently acknowledges that many denominations, like ours, are not growing, and there must be some things we can do to turn the tide. You may expect her to roll out a new program or strategy, but instead, her guidance is quite simple. Pray. Start with prayer.

She interviews many growing churches, and guess what she finds they have in common? They are praying churches- not just in the sense that that is how they start their meetings- but instead they understand everything they do to be dependent upon and undergirded by prayer. Here’s a quotation I highlighted from the book:

“Prayer is the way to stay in love with God. Prayer is the way individuals, small groups, and congregations grow and become vivid. It is a habit, a discipline, but not a discipline with a clenched jaw. Prayer is more about receiving from God than it is asking God for things or working hard at intercession. . . . prayer involves effort, habit, and focus; but it results in lightness and energy and excitement.”

Would you like to join others in prayer? Starting this week, any who would like to come are invited to join together on Sunday mornings from 9:15-9:45 for a time of prayer. We will pray for the Sunday School and worship hours, the ministries and members of the church, and local, national, and global needs. We’ll meet in my study: expertise not needed. If you are not able to join us but are committed to prayer at other times, I’d love to hear how God is leading you to pray.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Daniel