The Scoutmaster’s Minute is an opportunity for the Scoutmaster to share with the troop whatever is on his mind.  It’s usually at the end of the meeting- a kind of parting shot before the group is dismissed.

I was at Westminster’s Boy Scout Troop 79 weekly meeting last night, and before the closing prayer, Scoutmaster Jim Skinner shared this thought:

“If you have gratitude for someone and never tell them, it’s like wrapping a present and never giving it away.  If you’re grateful to someone for the part they play in your life, then tell them.”

It got me thinking about all the people God has brought into my life through the years.  I tend to think I’m grateful, but maybe my gratitude is like a bunch of presents I’ve wrapped but never given away.  For me, it is a small but important change- to more freely express my gratitude for others.

What about you?  Are there people in your life to whom you need to express gratitude?  Don’t keep it to yourself!

Pastor Daniel