I learned a new word the other day: Omnicelebrant.

We use words like omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (all-present), and omnipotent (all-powerful) to describe the nature of God, but none of them capture the happiness of God.  Let’s add omnicelebrant to the list.  God is all-happy!

If we think of God in that way, then there are implications for how we live and the way we do church.  Our lives individually and communally are a reflection of the happy God we serve.  Pastor Tim McConnell (a dear friend) writes in his book Happy Church, “Is your church happy?  Most of us are not sure how to answer that question.  It seems like the church should be a happy place, right?  Yes, it should.  Church should be a happy place not because we want it to be but because God wants it to be.  God has intentions and purposes for the church, and oddly enough, those purposes include instilling joy in his people.”  And then, “The church’s influence on the world depends on its joy.”

Wow!  God desires our happiness!  Of course, it is not a happiness from our own pursuits but a happiness from connection to him.  We’re happy because God is pouring his happiness into our thirsty souls, and our happiness is a witness to the kind of God we claim to serve.

Is Westminster a Happy Church?  I think so.  I see it on your faces and in the relationships we have with each other.  I see it in the way we sing and pray and worship.  I see it in the way we care for each other and serve the community around us.  Praise God for the Happy Church!

Smile, happy people,

Pastor Daniel