From the Pastor:

At the Session meeting Sunday night, several decisions were made that impact the life of the church.  They are all good news.

  • First, we looked over the 2015 financial reports. For the year, we received $21,637 more than we spent.  That extra money will be placed in an account for the Session to use as future needs arise.
  • Second, we approved an expenditure of $138,000 to replace the worn out sanctuary heating and cooling system. The replacement is a good move for at least two reasons: the current system is failing, and the new one will give us humidity control, limiting mold in the building.  It is expensive, but because of faithful giving in the past, we’re able to pay for the system and still leave healthy balances in other savings accounts.
  • Third, we approved the 2016 budget, which more than restores necessary cuts made in recent years. I am most excited that our benevolence and mission budget exceeds what it was for 2014 and 2015.

I share this news with thanksgiving for your faithful giving now and through the years.  If Jesus is right and our giving reflects the condition of our heart, then the people at Westminster are a healthy group!  Praise the Lord!