Sunday during Zachary’s baptism, you heard me encourage you to “remember your baptism.”  But, if you, like me, were baptized as an infant, then is that even possible?

Remembering your baptism means remembering the promises made that day:

  • The promise of the family to raise the child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
  • The promise of the congregation to support, encourage and pray for the child and his or her family.
  • The covenant promise of God to receive the child, adopting him or her as one of the family.

When we remember those promises, we do so realizing there may be days when we fall down on our promises, but God never falls down on his.  (That’s why we only baptize one time- because God’s promises never need to be renewed.)  Remembering your baptism means remembering the promise God has made to you, remembering the claim he has on your life, and remembering that your place in his kingdom is secure because his Word is always true.

Rejoice, and remember your baptism!

Pastor Daniel