The Church with No Sign

Did you notice a few weeks ago when the church sign was gone?  It was taken off premises for restoration, so for a while, we were the church with nDaniels enewso sign.  An anonymous church.  It made me think: what would happen if all our signs were gone, our internet presence disabled, and our electronic communications interrupted?  How would West Ashley know about Westminster Presbyterian Church, and more importantly, how would they know about the message we want to share with them- the love of God in Jesus Christ?

True evangelism happens today just like it did 2000 years ago, through person-to-person contact, acts of love and compassion, and humble invitation.  I bet there are people in your circle of influence who could use a word of encouragement, an act of kindness, or an invitation to be included.  That incarnational, love putting on flesh outreach is at the core of the Christian faith.  It is the way God reached out to us in sending Jesus, and it is the way he calls us to reach out to our neighbors around us.

Maybe God is calling you to take a chance and reach out today.

Pastor Daniel