I was so glad to spend last week in Montreat, North Carolina.
Montreat has always been a special place for me to connect or reconnect with God. Maybe it is because my spiritual senses are heightened on retreat, or maybe it is because when I slow down, I get more of a sense of God’s presence around me. It could also be the beauty of North Carolina Mountains- and last week, with the trees near peak autumn color, it was easy to see the glory of the Lord on full display.
I’ve been going to Montreat for about 25 years. Starting as a young high-schooler, the summer youth conferences were an annual highlight. I remember the small groups, the leaders, and the community of friends from my home church. One summer, when my new basketball shoes were stolen, the group surprised me with the money to replace them! While in college, I shifted from sheep to shepherd, chaperoning groups of youth for the summer conferences. That kind of thing continued through my first years of ministry, too.
I’ve enjoyed conferences, vacations, and continuing education events at Montreat, and my family was so glad to be able to tag along with the Older Adult group last week for their annual retreat.
Yet, even more than being a special place, Montreat reminds me of how God has been active in my life through the years. Jeremiah 31:21 says, “Set up road markers for yourself; make yourself guideposts; consider well the highway, the road by which you went.” In my life, Montreat is one of those road markers- I can remember God’s work in my life when I think of the times I’ve spent at Montreat.
What are your road markers and guideposts? What people or places remind you of God’s hand in your life?

Pastor Daniel