That’s what I was feeling over the weekend as the floodwaters were rising.  Since our neighborhood flooded back in August, we knew it was likely to happen again, so we did everything we could to prepare, including sandbags and extra shopping trips to the store for food and batteries.  But then in the face of a storm like this one, even the best prepared will come to a place of being powerless.

It dawned on me that there are not many times in my life when I am powerless, and maybe that’s why I am so uncomfortable in those moments.  (Getting on an airplane is another example.)  Being a person of privilege affords certain opportunities in life, and it is rare that I’m in situations where I cannot make decisions or affect outcomes by asserting my power.  I hate to say it about myself, but I like control, and I am good at it.

So, for me, here are two lessons from the storm.  First, my pursuit of control is idolatry, because the Lord is sovereign, not me.  It takes those moments of powerlessness for me to come to my senses.  And second, there are many people in the Charleston community and around the world who live with a sense of powerlessness.  Every day.  Those are the kinds of people Jesus reached, and they are the people for whom we are to be advocates.  Are there people around you who are battling the rising waters?  How can you use your power for them?

See you Sunday!
Pastor Daniel

PS: Thankfully, our home was spared from the damage that many others endured.