Can I tell you that I am having a hard time?

As I sit to write my weekly greeting, I’m having a hard time deciding what to write. Several options come to mind:

–Last Thursday, I had my first Hands of Christ distribution experience at Park Circle Presbyterian. I tagged along with our youth group, and what a blessing to see their hearts for service as they worked alongside others from WPC and the Presbytery to reach out with the love of Jesus to those in need. It was remarkable, and I look forward to the distribution days here at WPC this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
–Speaking of the Youth, did you know our group is down at Edisto Island on a mission trip? Participating with the Presbytery’s Do, Love, Serve, they are there the beginning of this week for mission projects around that area. Our Youth are wonderful!
–The Deacon and Elder installations on Sunday. That morning service was so special to me to see people stepping into those leadership roles. Our church is blessed to have such talented and committed people. I’m so thankful to God for the group of leaders he has pulled together at this point in Westminster’s history.
–My installation on Sunday. My heart is still so full from the excellent worship and fabulous reception. Throughout the afternoon, I was reflecting on God’s goodness and mercy to me and my family. I am so glad he’s brought us to Westminster!
–This Sunday, we’ll continue our study of Ephesians by turning to the section on marriage. I look forward to digging in to the often-misunderstood passage that outlines submission in the Christian home.

You see why I’m having such a hard time. So much is going on, and even more than that, God is so active at Westminster. If you had to write about something God is doing, what would you say?

Join us soon, and see what God is doing at Westminster!

Pastor Daniel