Westminster’s Ministry Information Form has been posted on the Office of the General Assembly Church Leadership Connection web site.

The form was prepared by the Pastor Nominating Committee with input from the congregation, and has been approved by the Westminster Presbyterian Church Session and the Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery.

The Ministry Information Form (MIF) describes the size and make-up of the congregation, the type of community where the ministry is located, the position to be filled and the salary for the position. Answers to narrative questions describe the ministry and mission of the church in more detail.

The MIF is matched with Personal Information Forms (PIF) that fit most closely with the characteristics and needs expressed in the MIF. The PIF lists the person’s education, work experience, ecclesiastical standing, and any professional memberships and certifications. It also lists the types of positions the person is interested in serving, minimum compensation they will consider, and leadership competencies and interests. The list of referred PIFs is sent to the chair of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) for discernment. Persons can also “self refer” to a church listed in the CLC.

While confidentiality is important to protect the identity of those seeking a call, we want to keep you informed and are open to hearing from you. Our email address is westminpnc@gmail.com for you to share your thoughts with the committee. A PNC member will be available in the narthex every Sunday after worship for you to share your thoughts with the committee.

Your PNC members:

  • David Bednarczyk
  • Doug Earnst
  • Brenda Haile
  • Tea Madden
  • Betsy McLaughlin
  • Henry Shepard
  • Dee Bee Wright